Happy Chaos is a unique and versatile character in Guilty Gear Strive, known for his firearm-based playstyle and resource management. He excels in controlling the battlefield and applying relentless pressure, making him a formidable choice in the roster.


Resource Management: Chaos's gameplay revolves around managing Concentration, which powers his firearm attacks. Proper management allows for extended pressure and combo potential.

Versatile Projectile Game: He can fire bullets at any time with At The Ready and Steady Aim, making it challenging for opponents to approach or zone him effectively.

Pressure and Mix-ups: Chaos can apply relentless pressure with gunshots, creating opportunities for tick throws and mix-ups. His Cross-Up Roll adds another layer to his offense.

Combo Potential: He has a wide array of combo routes, often leading to powerful and damaging combos. His Hard Knockdowns and Clean Hit confirms are essential for optimizing damage.

Steady Aim and Guard Crush: Steady Aim enables long-range pokes and Guard Crush setups, putting immense pressure on opponents while also discouraging zoning.


Resource Dependency: Chaos heavily relies on Concentration for his gunshots, making him vulnerable when it's depleted. Managing this resource effectively is crucial.

Limited Defense: He lacks a reliable reversal, making him susceptible to opponents' relentless pressure and mix-ups. His clone move can be exploited by experienced opponents.

Execution Barrier: Some of Chaos's optimal combos and setups require precise execution, making him more challenging to master for newcomers.

Mid-Range Footsies: While he has some effective mid-range tools, Chaos can struggle against characters with stronger footsies and longer-reaching normals.

Complex Gameplay: Playing Chaos effectively demands an understanding of his unique mechanics, including Concentration management, gunplay, and stance changes, which can be overwhelming for beginners.

Happy Chaos

Happy Chaos portrait

Concentration and Bullets

Happy Chaos Concentration and Ammo gauge

Happy Chaos wields a powerful firearm, and effectively managing two critical resources—bullets and Concentration—is essential to his gameplay. These resources directly impact his ability to utilize his gun-based attacks and maintain pressure in battle.

Chaos relies on bullets to fire his gun-based attacks, primarily using them for the "Fire" command. Each time he fires a shot, it consumes one bullet. Bullets do not regenerate naturally over time, meaning Chaos must manually reload to replenish his ammunition. Managing bullet usage is crucial, as running out of bullets can severely limit Chaos's offensive capabilities and put him at a disadvantage.

Chaos also manages a Concentration meter, which is fundamental to his gun-related abilities. Entering "At the Ready" or "Steady Aim" stance initiates the Concentration drain, with the rate of consumption increasing the further Chaos is from his opponent. Using the "Fire" command during these stances depletes Concentration further, with each shot consuming Concentration points. Concentration gradually regenerates over time, with a faster regeneration rate when Chaos has a red or yellow Concentration bar. Concentration management is vital for Chaos to sustain his gun-based attacks and other abilities. It directly affects the efficiency and duration of his gun stances.

Chaos can reload his bullets manually using the "Reload" command, which is an essential part of managing his ammunition. Reloading not only replenishes bullets but also allows him to continue using his gun-based attacks effectively. The choice of when to reload is critical, as it impacts his ability to maintain pressure and capitalize on opportunities during a match. Chaos can also reload bullets during his Overdrive, "Deus Ex Machina," but this requires both 50% Tension and Concentration, making it a resource-intensive option.

In summary, Happy Chaos players must master the art of resource management, ensuring they have an ample supply of bullets and Concentration to execute their gun-based attacks effectively. Managing these resources efficiently allows Chaos to maintain pressure, control the battlefield, and capitalize on openings to secure victory in battles.



Happy Chaos 5P

An expedient jab with versatile applications, serving as a swift anti-air option or in situations where a crossed-up 6P input is required. Its 5-frame startup also enables it to serve as a tool for countering meaty grab attempts, albeit with a slightly higher risk compared to 2P.


Happy Chaos 5K

A straightforward yet adaptable kick that becomes a linchpin for pressuring opponents effectively on block.

Its concise recovery combined with a broad range of gatling options imparts surprising strength to 5K in pressure situations. Utilizing sequences like 5K > 6S proves robust, with its primary vulnerability being countered by 6P or specific 2K attacks. Smart staggering, including incorporating 2K, offers the means to disrupt opponents attempting to evade pressure. It's also conducive to mixing up with a close-range overhead using 5D, or opting for long-range IAD j.D for overhead strategies. Additionally, its nimble recovery time makes it an efficient tool for Tick Throws, providing Happy Chaos with a diverse arsenal for commencing pressure.

While 5K excels in offensive scenarios, it may lack defensive prowess due to its relatively modest size and higher striking point, rendering it less effective against low pokes when employed for abare and poking purposes.


Happy Chaos c.S

Happy Chaos' c.S, while somewhat unconventional, serves as a pivotal tool for initiating pressure and launching combos.

Distinct from characters that traditionally feature Heavy (H) buttons, Happy Chaos deploys a unique array of command normals, specials, and movement cancel options that expand his pressure game significantly. The capacity to dash cancel or jump cancel c.S in combination with Happy Chaos' ability to fire his weapon at will grants him the capacity to commence potent yet resource-intensive mix-ups.


Happy Chaos f.S

f.S is a relatively quick and far-reaching poking tool in Happy Chaos' arsenal. However, its usage is somewhat limited due to a slightly extended recovery when it misses its target, in contrast to 2S, and its vulnerability to opponents employing low-profile moves.


Happy Chaos 5D

Uncharged Dust Attack
Serves as Happy Chaos' Universal Overhead, offering an above-average reward compared to similar moves in other characters' arsenals. Despite its limited horizontal range, the unique feature of being able to confirm into Fire makes it incredibly versatile. This allows for potent combos on hit and safe pressure on block, making it a formidable mix-up tool, particularly when combined with low attacks like 2K and 2D. With just a 20-frame startup, it's challenging for opponents to react to, further enhancing its effectiveness as a mix-up tool and a key component of Happy Chaos' playstyle.

Charged Dust Attack
On the other hand, is generally less favored due to the strengths of the Uncharged Dust. Although Homing Dust combos offer high damage potential, they don't replenish any resources, making them less efficient, and they are also more telegraphed and easier for opponents to react to compared to the Uncharged Dust's mix-up potential.


Happy Chaos 2P

Happy Chaos's 2P serves as his primary Abare (defensive poke) button. It boasts a quick 5-frame startup, making it an excellent choice for interrupting opponent's pressure or counterattacking in situations where you need a fast response. One notable advantage of 2P is that it doesn't whiff on crouching opponents, unlike 5P, which means you can rely on it consistently regardless of your opponent's stance. This attribute makes 2P the preferred choice for mashing in defensive situations.


Happy Chaos 2K

Happy Chaos's 2K is not only his fastest low but also a potent neutral tool. Its high speed, combined with a low-profile hurtbox, makes it an excellent choice for controlling space and counterpoking. This move's ability to slip under opponent's attacks and initiate a quick low poke makes it a versatile option for both offensive and defensive situations. Whether you're looking to apply pressure, check your opponent's defenses, or create opportunities for mix-ups, 2K plays a crucial role in Happy Chaos's toolkit.


Happy Chaos 2S

Happy Chaos's 2S serves as his primary tool for controlling the mid-range space in front of him. With its excellent speed and reach, coupled with its ability to hit low, 2S is the go-to footsies button for Happy Chaos. While it has one more frame of startup compared to f.S, it compensates with less recovery and a more favorable hit location, making it the preferred S Normal for poking in most situations. This move allows Happy Chaos to effectively maintain control over the mid-range and establish dominance in neutral exchanges.


Happy Chaos 2D

Happy Chaos's 2D serves as a versatile tool in his arsenal. It is particularly useful as an easy conversion tool, allowing him to confirm awkward hits and bridge into different types of combos. When low on resources, 2D shines as a Hard Knockdown provider, giving Happy Chaos ample time to either Focus or Reload up to 4 bullets before dashing up for a meaty c.S. This makes it a valuable resource management tool during matches.

Additionally, 2D is one of Chaos's primary launching normals and has the advantage of minimal horizontal knockback, making it an ideal choice for bridging into combos that utilize moves like 236S or Clean Hit Confirm. Whether it's for securing knockdowns, extending combos, or managing resources efficiently, 2D plays a pivotal role in Happy Chaos's gameplay.


Happy Chaos 6P

Happy Chaos's 6P is a versatile tool in his repertoire, serving as a universal upper-body invulnerable anti-air and grounded counter-poke. While 5P is his primary anti-air option, 6P comes into play when upper-body invulnerability is required. In blockstrings and combos, Happy Chaos tends to favor his other command normals, making 6P specifically valuable for its anti-air and counter-poking capabilities.


Happy Chaos 6K

Happy Chaos's 6K is a multi-purpose tool, serving as both an advancing low attack and a crucial combo extender. When used against airborne opponents, it launches them upwards, making it invaluable for extending combos, especially for securing Clean Hit Steady Aim opportunities.

Against grounded opponents, 6K maintains them in a grounded state, enabling you to follow up with an ATR shot and another normal. When the opponent reaches the wall, 6K wall-slumps them, further enhancing its versatility as a combo tool.


Happy Chaos 6S

Happy Chaos's 6S is a versatile advancing mid attack that can serve various purposes in his gameplay. It can function as an anti-air option, launching opponents into the air on hit. Moreover, it plays a critical role as a frame-trap and pressure extender, allowing Chaos to maintain offensive momentum.

When canceling into Super Focus, 6S provides the most plus frames compared to other normals, making it the preferred choice for this purpose. However, it's worth noting that if the move hits with its early frames, it can sometimes send the opponent in the opposite direction, so precise spacing and timing are crucial for optimal use.


Happy Chaos j.P

Happy Chaos's j.P is a versatile and fast air-to-air attack that serves as a general-purpose tool for aerial engagements. It has the flexibility to gatling repeatedly into itself on both hit and block, which can be advantageous for maintaining control in air-to-air situations. This ability to chain j.P into itself allows Chaos to apply consistent pressure and mix-up options when navigating aerial confrontations.


Happy Chaos j.K

Happy Chaos's j.K is an excellent air-to-air tool, particularly effective against opponents positioned higher in the air. However, it's worth noting that the presence and utility of j.D in Chaos's moveset limits the overall usage of j.K.

The primary role of j.K tends to be as a setup for overhead left/right mix-ups, typically with j.2K. Its primary purpose isn't for direct damage or anti-air, but rather for positioning and mix-up potential. Additionally, j.K can be utilized as an aerial frame kill to ensure that j.S connects low enough to the ground, which can be crucial for certain combos and pressure sequences.


Happy Chaos j.S

Happy Chaos's j.S serves as his primary jump-in normal, offering a versatile tool with a large, downward-angled hitbox. It's particularly effective for initiating jump-in attacks and pressuring opponents from the air.

One notable application of j.S is as the high option after a c.S jump cancel, often used in wall-slump mix-ups to keep the opponent guessing. Additionally, when used with an Instant Air Backdash (IABD), j.S becomes an even more potent shimmy tool. It can catch opponents off guard, punishing those who attempt to mash or respond with a throw, making it a higher-reward option compared to a simple backdash.

In summary, j.S is a multi-purpose move for Happy Chaos, facilitating jump-ins, mix-ups, and shimmy tactics in various situations.


Happy Chaos j.D

Happy Chaos's j.D is a specialized aerial attack that hits opponents from behind. Its primary application is as a cross-up overhead option, particularly effective when used in combination with j.2K. This cross-up maneuver can catch opponents off guard, providing Happy Chaos with an opportunity to open up their defense.

Additionally, j.D can be useful when opponents attempt to anti-air by running under Happy Chaos. Its unique angle and behind-hitting property make it a situational but effective tool for disrupting such anti-air attempts.

In summary, j.D is a strategic tool in Happy Chaos's aerial arsenal, serving as a cross-up overhead option and a countermeasure against opponents trying to escape or anti-air his approaches.


Happy Chaos j.2K

Happy Chaos's j.2K is a unique aerial attack that involves a bouncing overhead stomp. When this move connects, it propels Happy Chaos upward, regardless of whether it hits the opponent or is blocked. However, the direction and momentum of Happy Chaos after the bounce can be influenced by inputting j.1K, j.2K, j.3K, or j.4K after the initial attack.

This aerial maneuver, particularly j.2K and its variants, is crucial for setting up strong four-way mix-ups after a Blue Roman Cancel (BRC). The versatility of this technique allows Happy Chaos to maintain pressure and create unpredictable situations for his opponents, enhancing his mix-up game and offensive capabilities.

In summary, j.2K and its follow-up options are essential tools in Happy Chaos's gameplay, enabling him to create mix-up opportunities and maintain pressure when combined with Blue Roman Cancels.


At the Ready H/Fire

Happy Chaos At the Ready H Happy Chaos At the Ready Fire

Happy Chaos's "At The Ready" move is a central mechanic in his gameplay, allowing him to ready his gun and fire it at will during battle. When activated, a reticle appears in a random location around the opponent and then tracks directly to their position, focusing after a brief delay. The gun can be fired by releasing the H button, which consumes a bullet and some Concentration.

The ability to fire during "At The Ready" is crucial for Happy Chaos, as it enables him to combo or frametrap off any strike attack, maintaining an advantage in exchanges at the expense of his resources. However, it's important to note that while the reticle is active, Chaos cannot block, making him vulnerable to enemy attacks.

In blockstrings, Happy Chaos can create continuous pressure and loop Tick Throw opportunities while having access to "Fire." This mechanic allows him to extend blockstrings indefinitely and even combo off an Uncharged Dust Attack. Additionally, "Fire" provides enough advantage to link into "Steady Aim," which sets up launching combos or Guard Crush situations for an oppressive offense.

While "Fire" is not particularly strong in neutral on its own and consuming Concentration can be costly, Happy Chaos can conserve Concentration and ready the gun opportunistically. For instance, he can ready and immediately fire his gun even after whiffing attacks, increasing his chances of hitting stationary opponents and making him challenging to punish in neutral situations.

Overall, "At The Ready" and the "Fire" mechanic are fundamental to Happy Chaos's gameplay, offering a versatile and powerful tool for maintaining pressure and converting strikes into advantageous situations.

At the Ready (236S)

Happy Chaos At the Ready (236S)

Happy Chaos can enter the "At The Ready" state with 236S, which adds a short swing attack before readying the aim. This action is akin to At The Ready H, and it provides several advantages in his gameplay.

The 236S startup is incredibly fast, and when blocked, it leaves Chaos in an advantageous position. This makes it a potent pressure extender, particularly due to its high reward on Counter Hit. However, its limited range means it can easily whiff after most attacks if the opponent employs Faultless Defense.

One of the most reliable situations to use this move is after a 5K attack. It allows Chaos to safely execute a blockstring even after the opponent uses Faultless Defense. By either having dash momentum or performing a Dash Cancel kara cancel, he can maintain pressure effectively.

When the opponent doesn't use Faultless Defense, this approach allows Chaos to extend pressure more economically without expending a bullet or Concentration on Fire. This is especially useful after moves like 6K, 6S, and 2D, positioning him favorably for follow-up attacks such as 2S and f.S. Additionally, it enables Chaos to maintain the gun, setting up frametraps and creating pressure opportunities for further mix-ups.

Steady Aim / Fire (214S) then ]H[

Happy Chaos Steady Aim (214S) Happy Chaos Steady Aim Fire ]H[

Happy Chaos enters a vulnerable state while readying his gun for a shot during Steady Aim. In this state, he cannot move or perform any other attacks, but the power of his shot when fully focused is significant. When Chaos reaches full focus, the shot will Guard Crush his opponent, potentially leaving him as much as +20 when canceled into Reload. Additionally, it deals substantial damage on hit.

It's crucial to note that there's no reason to hold the Steady Aim stance for an extended period, as it's costly and not faster than resetting the stance. Therefore, immediate cancelation is advisable.

In neutral situations, Steady Aim serves as an infinite-range poke, covering approximately 27 frames (19 frames during Curse). This makes it effective at shutting down various zoning attempts and aerial positioning strategies. Furthermore, with precise execution, if Chaos successfully Guard Crushes the opponent, he can execute a Reload, transition into Steady Aim, and fire another Guard Crush shot with minimal delay and without consuming additional bullets. This sequence effectively prevents opponents from approaching from a distance.

During pressure situations, the highly advantageous Guard Crush property of a focused shot allows Chaos to threaten a potent Tick Throw that cannot be fuzzy jumped. Even after the opponent employs Faultless Defense, Chaos can easily approach again. However, it's important to keep in mind that focusing the shot takes a considerable amount of time. To speed up this process, Chaos either needs Curse to accelerate it or must spend a bullet on Fire to gain the advantage required to set up a quick Guard Crush.

Cancel Aim (2H during At the Ready) or (4S during Steady Aim) or (214S during Steady Aim)

Happy Chaos Cancel Aim (2H) Happy Chaos Cancel Aim (214S)

At the Ready Cancel:
The At the Ready Cancel is a maneuver that promptly ends the At The Ready stance, allowing Happy Chaos to regain the ability to block and Concentration. However, this cancels his capacity to Fire. Happy Chaos can employ this maneuver reactively in various situations to enable him to block. It's essential to note that when performing the At The Ready Cancel, Chaos should swiftly transition from the 2H input to initiating a block. This cancel can also be employed during offensive sequences to conserve Concentration.

If Chaos exhausts his Concentration after firing a bullet, the Cancel Aim will trigger automatically and carry a 9-frame recovery period. If Concentration is depleted passively or during recovery from a move or landing, Chaos will experience an additional 23 frames during which he cannot move or jump but can still perform actions.

The At the Ready Cancel can be executed using either the 1H or 3H inputs.

Steady Aim Cancel:
The Steady Aim Cancel is the most advantageous cancel available from the Steady Aim stance. It consumes one bullet but is 7 frames faster than Reload. This cancel is particularly useful for creating Guard Crush Loops with less Concentration consumption. When executed with precise timing, it ensures that Guard Crush Loops are entirely gapless, preventing opponents from attempting microdashes during the intervals.

In pressure situations, the +7 frames of advantage provided by the Steady Aim Cancel offer Chaos more time to dash back in and reinitiate pressure with a c.S. This approach allows Chaos to expend less Concentration compared to a reset that involves the ]H[ cancel.

Reload (22P) or (2P during Steady Aim)

Happy Chaos Reload (22P)

Reload is a fundamental action in Happy Chaos's arsenal that involves replenishing his gun's ammunition. This maneuver is crucial for effective resource management and transitioning between stances.

When initiated from the At the Ready or Steady Aim stances, Reload will promptly terminate the stance and return Chaos to his default stance. The speed of the Reload maneuver allows Chaos to reload one or multiple bullets during a combo sequence. It also enables him to maintain a substantial advantage on block by canceling Steady Aim Clean Hits, making it a versatile tool for both resource management and stance transitions.

Focus (214P) or (4P during Steady Aim)

Happy Chaos Focus (214P)

Focus is a high-risk, high-reward maneuver in Happy Chaos's toolkit. When executed, it provides several notable effects, including a partial restoration of the Concentration Gauge and a temporary buff. However, it comes with an extremely long recovery that can leave Chaos vulnerable if used carelessly.

One way to mitigate the risks associated with Focus is to cancel into it after a Steady Aim shot, which can help ensure safety from potential punishment at a distance. Even when perfectly canceled from a Guard Crush shot, Chaos may still end up slightly disadvantaged. Focus can also be strategically integrated into combos, either at the beginning to significantly reduce the Concentration cost of the combo or at the end to restore some of the Concentration cost. Canceling into Focus after connecting with 2D leaves enough time to apply okizeme pressure on the opponent.

The buff effect granted by Focus is exceptionally potent, as it halves all Concentration usage. This allows Chaos to utilize At the Ready and Steady Aim more extensively, especially in pressure situations, while still maintaining access to more costly combos. In many cases, the buff effect can have a more significant impact than the restored gauge itself, making Focus a risky but potentially rewarding tool in Happy Chaos's repertoire.

Curse (236P) or (6P during Steady Aim)

Happy Chaos Curse (236P)

Curse is a unique projectile-based move in Happy Chaos's arsenal. When executed, Chaos jumps backward and throws a curse ball forward. This curse ball behaves differently depending on whether it connects with the opponent or not.

If the curse ball does not make contact with the opponent, it will bounce along the ground, traveling up to standing heights, and continue its forward trajectory until it moves off-screen.

However, when the curse ball connects with the opponent, they become "cursed," and a visual effect resembling the curse effect appears around them. While cursed, Chaos gains significant advantages in both his At the Ready and Steady Aim stances. Specifically, the reticle used for aiming in these stances will exhibit greatly improved tracking, enhancing Chaos's ability to land precise shots.

It's important to note that the curse ball itself does not inflict any hitstun, blockstun, or damage, and it is entirely unblockable and intangible, allowing it to pass through other projectiles. This unique attribute enables Chaos to use Curse as an "on the ground" (OTG) tool that does not disrupt his Hard Knockdown timing, making it a versatile and strategic option in his toolkit.

Scapegoat (236K) or (6K during Steady Aim)

Happy Chaos Scapegoat (236K)

The Scapegoat is a unique ability in Happy Chaos's moveset that he deploys by executing a backdash. When Chaos performs this backdash, he leaves behind a Scapegoat of himself in the location he originally occupied. This Scapegoat serves as a protective barrier, intercepting and negating any strikes that come into contact with it, even if those strikes would have hit Chaos himself.

The Scapegoat provides Chaos with several tactical advantages. It allows him to safely apply pressure and restrict the opponent's movement, essentially locking down their options. Chaos can also use the Scapegoat to stall or reposition himself, making it a versatile tool for controlling the flow of the match.

However, it's important to note that the Scapegoat is not invulnerable to all attacks, particularly against multi-hitting reversals that may hit both Chaos and the Scapegoat, potentially bypassing the protective barrier. Additionally, one of the Scapegoat's vulnerabilities is the opponent's use of a Rapid Roman Cancel (66 RRC), which, when executed with 50% Tension, allows them to hit the Scapegoat, creating an explosion that can result in a massively advantageous situation for them, even punishing the Scapegoat late into its recovery frames.

In summary, the Scapegoat is a strategic ability that provides Chaos with unique defensive and offensive options, but it requires careful consideration of the opponent's resources and responses.

Roll (214K) or (4K during Steady Aim)

Happy Chaos Roll (214K)

Roll is a rapid and versatile move in Happy Chaos's toolkit that serves as a valuable cross-up mixing tool. This move is characterized by its swiftness, allowing Chaos to quickly reposition himself and potentially catch opponents off guard.

However, Roll does have its limitations, particularly in terms of range. If the opponent employs Faultless Defense during any blockstring prior to the Roll, it can push Chaos out of the optimal distance to successfully cross them up. To mitigate this issue, Chaos can use forward-advancing normals like 6K and 6S before executing the Roll, enabling him to maintain the necessary proximity for a successful cross-up.

One notable aspect of Roll is its ability to low profile relatively early in its animation. This characteristic allows Chaos to evade certain delayed pressure tactics effectively. It's worth noting that while the move has a quick low profile, the recovery frames are generally too long to yield a punish or may even leave Chaos in a disadvantageous position.

Overall, Roll is a valuable tool for Chaos's mix-up game, offering a rapid and evasive maneuver to keep opponents guessing and open up opportunities for creative offense. However, careful positioning and timing are necessary to make the most of this move and avoid its limitations.


Deus Ex Machina (632146S)

Happy Chaos Deus Ex Machina (632146S) cinematic Happy Chaos Deus Ex Machina (632146S) hit

Deus Ex Machina is a crucial combo-ending Overdrive move in Happy Chaos's arsenal. When executed, this move serves multiple essential functions, making it a valuable tool for resource management, tracking opponents, and maintaining advantageous positioning.

One of the standout features of Deus Ex Machina is its ability to reload all of Chaos's bullets, effectively replenishing his ammunition and ensuring he remains well-equipped for future attacks. This aspect of the move is particularly important, as it prevents Chaos from running out of bullets and allows him to continue utilizing his gun-based attacks without interruption.

Additionally, Deus Ex Machina has the unique ability to track an opponent from anywhere on the screen. This tracking feature ensures that Chaos can hit an opponent regardless of their position, making it a versatile tool for both combo completion and controlling the battlefield.

After executing Deus Ex Machina and when the move concludes, Chaos enters the At The Ready state, allowing him to immediately follow up with gun-related attacks. However, players have the option to cancel this stance by inputting 2H (Cancel Aim) at any point during the move, causing Chaos to put away his gun immediately once the move concludes. This flexibility provides Chaos with the choice to either maintain gun-based pressure or transition to another strategy based on the situation.

Deus Ex Machina becomes even more advantageous when used to create a Wall Stick or end a combo while Chaos requires additional bullets. By confirming into Deus Ex Machina under these circumstances, Chaos gains a substantial advantage. If a Wall Break occurs during the execution of the move, it leads to a highly favorable position, enabling Chaos to set up Curse, utilize Focus, or execute okizeme for effective pressure and control over the match.

It's essential to note that Chaos can only perform Deus Ex Machina when he has Concentration available, making resource management a crucial aspect of his gameplay. Whether connecting with the opponent or not, this move reloads all of Chaos's ammunition during the Super Flash, ensuring he remains well-prepared for future engagements.

Super Focus (214214P)

Happy Chaos Super Focus (214214P)

Super Focus is a unique ability that serves as a pseudo-Roman Cancel in Happy Chaos's arsenal. When activated, Super Focus provides Chaos with several valuable benefits, making it a versatile tool for managing Concentration, extending pressure, and enhancing his overall gameplay.

One of the standout features of Super Focus is its ability to fully restore Chaos's Concentration gauge. Concentration is a crucial resource for Chaos, as it powers many of his special moves and abilities. By replenishing his Concentration, Super Focus ensures that Chaos has the necessary resources to maintain pressure and execute his various techniques effectively.

Super Focus also grants Chaos a double-duration Focus buff, which has a substantial impact on his gameplay. The Focus buff, lasting for 10 seconds, is characterized by its unique property of halving all Concentration usage during this duration. This means that while the Focus buff is active, Chaos can use his Concentration-consuming moves and abilities at a significantly reduced cost, allowing for more extensive use of At The Ready and Steady Aim, among others.

The shortened 11-frame duration of Super Focus is still sufficient to maintain advantage after many of Chaos's common pressure moves, such as 2D or 6S. This aspect makes it a valuable tool for resetting pressure when Concentration is running low. Chaos can use Super Focus to quickly regain the upper hand in the match, both from a distance and in close-quarters combat.

One of the key applications of Super Focus is following up a Guard Crushing Steady Aim shot. After a Guard Crush, Chaos gains an excessive advantage, enabling him to cross significant distances and still maintain frame traps. This feature allows him to apply relentless pressure and keep opponents on the defensive.

Moreover, during the duration of the Positive Bonus, which is when Chaos has a Tension Penalty, Super Focus becomes even more potent. The Tension Penalty's primary weakness is nearly negated, and Chaos can reset into pressure to regain the Tension necessary to use Super Focus again.

In summary, Super Focus is a versatile and powerful ability that enhances Chaos's resource management, pressure game, and overall effectiveness in combat. It allows him to maintain control of the battlefield while ensuring he has the necessary Concentration to execute his moves and strategies efficiently.


Happy Chaos is a unique character in Guilty Gear Strive with a distinctive playstyle and abilities. He relies on managing Concentration, a crucial resource, and wields a gun as his primary tool. His gameplay revolves around pressuring opponents with various moves, including At The Ready and Steady Aim, which can be fired at any time. Chaos's Super Focus is a versatile tool that restores Concentration and provides a Focus buff, reducing Concentration usage for a limited time. He can also use Deus Ex Machina to reload all bullets, offering strategic advantages. While his gameplay can be complex, Chaos excels in maintaining pressure and controlling the battlefield, making him a unique and formidable character.