Chipp Zanuff is a high-speed, high-pressure character in Guilty Gear Strive with a unique set of abilities and gameplay style. Here's an overview of his strengths, weaknesses, and his position in the game:


Incredible Speed: Chipp is one of the fastest characters in the game, both in terms of ground movement and aerial mobility. His agility allows him to close the gap on opponents quickly, apply relentless pressure, and control the pace of the match.

Mix-up Potential: Chipp excels at mixing up opponents with a wide array of overhead and low attacks, making it challenging for opponents to predict and defend against his offense. His Wall Run adds another layer of unpredictability, allowing him to approach from various angles.

Wall Combos: Chipp's ability to convert combos into wall bounces and wall splats is one of his defining strengths. This not only deals significant damage but also enables powerful okizeme (wake-up pressure) opportunities.

Kunai Projectiles: Chipp's Kunai projectiles provide him with some zoning capabilities and can be used to control space, interrupt opponent's approaches, or set up offensive sequences.

Alpha Blade Mobility: His Alpha Blade move, when used creatively, allows Chipp to move quickly across the screen, which can be used for spacing, escaping, or initiating mix-ups.

High Damage Output: When executed correctly, Chipp can deal substantial damage, especially in the corner or during Wall Run combos.


Low Health: Chipp has one of the lowest health pools in the game, making him extremely vulnerable to taking damage. One or two mistakes can lead to a quick loss of a round.

Execution-Heavy: To fully unlock Chipp's potential, players need precise execution and a deep understanding of his move properties, combos, and mix-up options. This makes him challenging to master.

Lack of Defensive Options: Chipp's defensive options are limited. He lacks an invincible reversal, which can make dealing with pressure difficult. His low health also exacerbates this issue.

High Risk, High Reward: Chipp's aggressive playstyle can be a double-edged sword. While he can overwhelm opponents with his speed and mix-ups, he's also susceptible to being countered if his approaches are predictable.

Chipp Zanuff




Chipp Zanuff 5P

Chipp Zanuff's 5P is an incredibly swift jab and ranks among the fastest normals in the game, sharing this distinction with Sol's 5K.

This button shines when employed as a rapid anti-air or a prompt punish to disrupt an opponent's strings. Additionally, it proves valuable for precise pickups within specific combo sequences. Thanks to its minimal recovery and self-canceling properties, 5P stands out as a safe option for whiffing and straightforward to confirm into further actions.

However, it's important to note that 5P may miss on most crouching characters, although it can still be used effectively as a follow-up to a jump-in attack against many opponents. This can create situations where opponents are essentially "jailed" into getting hit by Chipp's 5P after a successful jump-in.


Chipp Zanuff 5K

Chipp Zanuff's 5K is a versatile and effective move that opens up opportunities for strong stagger pressure.

This attack is exceptionally quick and boasts decent range, making it a valuable tool in Chipp's arsenal. Unlike his 5P, 5K cannot be crouched under, enhancing its usability. Additionally, it offers better range compared to his 2K, making it an effective choice for punishing opponents. In terms of pressure, 5K is highly versatile, as it can chain into itself and provides multiple options for gatling into overhead or low attacks.

While dash-canceling 5K is possible, it's worth noting that Chipp's agility allows him to quickly close the gap after the move's recovery, making dash cancels somewhat situational.


Chipp Zanuff c.S

Chipp Zanuff's c.S is a powerful pressure tool and a versatile option for combos.

With its excellent proration and a wide range of gatling options, c.S plays a pivotal role in Chipp's offensive game plan. It enables him to execute some of his most effective setups and combos. On top of its combo potential, c.S also provides Chipp with a substantial advantage, as it is +1 on block. Additionally, the move is jump and dash cancelable, enhancing Chipp's ability to maintain pressure and keep opponents guessing.

While dash-canceling c.S is an option, it's important to note that Chipp's high mobility allows him to quickly close the gap and continue pressure after the move's recovery, making dash cancels situational in certain scenarios.


Chipp Zanuff f.S

f.S is a potent tool for whiff punishing and controlling space.

This move stands out due to its exceptional speed, impressive range, and the ease with which it can be comboed into Resshou from a distance or linked into 5H/2H at close range. Chipp's mobility and dash complement f.S, enabling him to perform near full-screen punishes when necessary. Dashing into f.S also allows Chipp to initiate rekka pressure from surprising distances.

However, it's essential to be cautious when using f.S as a space-controlling tool in neutral situations. The move's extended hurtbox makes Chipp susceptible to counterpokes, and it has a notable weakness against low attacks. Therefore, it's crucial to use f.S judiciously and consider its vulnerability to low-hitting moves when employing it in neutral.


Chipp Zanuff 5H

Chipp Zanuff's 5H is a crucial counter-poking tool with a unique advantage.

While it has slightly less range and is somewhat slower than his f.S, 5H offers a safer option for whiffing. This move excels at controlling space and halting reckless approaches by opponents. Additionally, 5H provides valuable combo opportunities, allowing Chipp to connect with Resshou at various ranges or P Alpha Blade on counter-hit. However, due to its significant knockback effect, midscreen conversions can be challenging.

One notable feature of 5H is its ability to send opponents into a prolonged tumbling animation when hit in the air. This provides Chipp with a substantial advantage, enabling him to establish his corner mix-up game effectively.


Chipp Zanuff 5D

Chipp Zanuff's 5D is his uncharged dust attack, providing a quick overhead option.

When Chipp uses this move, he summons Dodomezaki the sea otter in front of him for the dust attack. It's important to note that Dodomezaki is not disjointed from Chipp, meaning he shares Chipp's hitbox. This move can be used as a gatling from 5K, 2K, or c.S, creating mix-up opportunities for Chipp. Additionally, it can be Roman Cancelled (RC'd) to extend combos further.

On the other hand, Chipp's charged dust attack 5[D] is a slower and more telegraphed overhead option. Despite its slower startup, it offers significant rewards when it lands. When used mid-combo, the charged dust attack launches the opponent high into the air, enabling Chipp to connect with a follow-up attack. This feature makes 5[D] valuable in some of Chipp's optimal combo routes.

In essence, 5[D] serves as a meterless combo starter on hit, making it a risky but useful alternative to Chipp's 6K for mix-ups and combo opportunities.


Chipp Zanuff 2P

Chipp Zanuff's 2P is a situational pressure and abare (defensive counter-attack) option in his toolkit.

While Chipp's 2P may be slower than his 5P, it has the advantage of not whiffing on crouching opponents. This characteristic makes it a much easier and reliable tool to use in pressure situations, especially against opponents who are crouching. Additionally, 2P hits high enough to interrupt or stuff attacks that might otherwise go over his 2K, making it valuable for both offensive and defensive purposes in certain matchups.

Chipp players can also leverage 2P for tick throws and pressure resets, thanks to its low attack level and self-gatling properties. This means that it can be used effectively in mix-up sequences to keep opponents guessing and maintain pressure during a match.


Chipp Zanuff 2K

Chipp Zanuff's 2K is his primary low option for opening up the opponent.

This move is a fast but relatively short-ranged low attack, and it plays a crucial role in Chipp's neutral and pressure game. When combined with Chipp's exceptional dash speed, 2K becomes a threatening tool for whiff punishing opponents from surprising distances. Landing a successful hit with 2K allows Chipp to follow up with his 2D for okizeme (knockdown pressure) or link into c.S for a full combo, especially effective on counter-hit.

One of the key strengths of 2K is its low attack level and low recovery, making it highly suitable for executing tick throws or pressure resets. Chipp players can utilize 2K to keep opponents guessing and maintain offensive pressure during matches. Additionally, 2K serves as an excellent conversion tool, particularly when the opponent is close to the ground, allowing Chipp to transition into damaging combos.


Chipp Zanuff 2S

Chipp Zanuff's 2S is a crouching poke and juggle tool that effectively covers the ground in front of him.

In neutral situations, 2S proves to be a valuable tool for Chipp, as it can interrupt low-hitting moves that might otherwise lead to his f.S whiffing. While 2S does have a relatively long recovery, it has a unique property of whiff canceling into 2H, making it a menacing option to challenge. This attribute makes 2S exceptionally effective in Chipp's pressure game, enabling him to delay-cancel it and easily catch opponents attempting to backdash.

In combo sequences, 2S serves as a tool to pop up an airborne opponent, allowing Chipp to perform juggles and pickups for extended damage. However, it's important to note that 2S has a shorter hitbox, which can sometimes lead to it whiffing in unexpected situations. Despite this limitation, Chipp players often find creative ways to utilize 2S for both offense and combo extensions.


Chipp Zanuff 2H

Chipp Zanuff's 2H is a crucial punish tool that can also serve as a situational anti-air option.

In pressure situations, 2H is often used as a whiff cancel following 2S to catch opponents attempting to backdash. Additionally, it plays a vital role in Chipp's bread-and-butter (BnB) combos, where it is employed to launch the opponent for follow-up attacks. In corner scenarios, counter hits with 2H can be confirmed into meterless Wall Run combos, delivering some of Chipp's highest damage output.

While 2H lacks the speed and disjointed hitbox necessary to function as a reliable anti-air move, it can still be useful for calling out specific opponent moves or jump-ins in certain situations. It's primarily prized for its utility in Chipp's pressure and combo game, making it a key component of his toolkit.


Chipp Zanuff 2D

Chipp Zanuff's 2D is a swift, long-range sweep option that can also low profile certain attacks when properly spaced.

This move serves as an effective tool for poking in neutral and countering opponents who might cause Chipp's f.S to whiff. However, it's essential to note that 2D can be vulnerable to losing exchanges without the right spacing, particularly because of the tall hurtbox near Chipp's body. When 2D successfully connects with an opponent, it provides a hard knockdown, which allows Chipp to apply okizeme and maintain pressure.

When 2D lands as a counter-hit, especially at closer ranges or near the corner, it opens up opportunities for Chipp to execute a full combo, further emphasizing its utility as a versatile and advantageous move in Chipp's toolkit.


Chipp Zanuff 6P

Chipp Zanuff's 6P is a universal upper-body invulnerable anti-air and a grounded counter-poking tool in his arsenal.

While it may not offer high rewards, 6P shines when used to counter deep jump-in attacks that could otherwise cause Chipp's other buttons to fail. Its upper-body invulnerability also makes it a valuable choice for countering pokes in neutral, particularly those with extended hitboxes like Ramlethal's f.S. However, it's worth noting that 6P does come with a relatively extended recovery, so it's most effective when used reactively to avoid whiffing.

When it comes to combos, 6P doesn't launch grounded opponents, which makes it suitable for many of Chipp's mixup setups and offers additional versatility to his gameplay.


Chipp Zanuff 6K

Chipp Zanuff's 6K is his overhead option in his toolkit.

While it may not be the fastest overhead option, 6K still holds value as a poke that results in an advantageous situation for Chipp. Notably, Chipp remains airborne throughout the entire attack animation, enabling him to potentially bait throw attempts and even low-crush specific moves.

When 6K connects with the opponent, it forces them into a crouching state, opening up opportunities for Chipp to link into a 2K for a combo. In certain situations where 6K hits meaty, Chipp can also link into c.S or f.S for further combo potential.


Chipp Zanuff 6H

Chipp Zanuff's 6H is a high-damage counter-hit starter with the added benefit of causing a ground bounce.

This move is best employed as a frame trap and as a punishing tool due to its somewhat long startup animation. However, Chipp can also utilize 6H as a counter-poke against certain extended normals. The vertical hitbox of 6H is quite decent, allowing it to catch opponents attempting to jump out of Chipp's pressure from a relatively far distance.

On a regular hit, 6H compels the opponent to crouch, potentially setting up further mix-up options for Chipp. However, when it connects as a counter-hit, either in the air or on the ground, it results in a significant ground bounce, which opens up opportunities for some of Chipp's flashier and more damaging combo sequences.


Chipp Zanuff j.P

Chipp Zanuff's j.P is his quickest air attack, making it a reliable option for short-range air-to-air combat.

This move excels when used while rising, as it can lead to a full combo when it connects with the opponent. In highly scaled combos, Chipp can utilize self-chaining j.P to carry the opponent towards the wall, ensuring a wall splat and extending the combo.

Additionally, j.P can serve as a swift overhead option during mix-ups, adding an extra layer of unpredictability to Chipp's offense.


Chipp Zanuff j.K

Chipp Zanuff's j.K is a versatile air-to-air option with an extended reach, making it effective for controlling space in the air. It also plays a crucial role as a combo tool in Chipp's arsenal.

When Chipp executes this move, it involves a horizontal kick that hits twice. The initial hit lifts the opponent into the air, allowing Chipp to extend his combos. Even if the first hit of j.K misses, the second hit still connects and pushes the opponent away. This property of j.K is essential in many of Chipp's combos, especially when dealing with highly scaled sequences where regular gatlings might not work as effectively.

In summary, Chipp's j.K serves as both an air-to-air option and a combo tool, enabling him to engage opponents in aerial combat and maximize his damage potential during combos.


Chipp Zanuff j.S

Chipp Zanuff's j.S is his primary crossup tool, and it serves as an effective way to mix up opponents and apply pressure from different angles. When Chipp executes this move, he performs a spinning attack that hits on both sides, making it ideal for crossing up opponents.

One important thing to note is that when Chipp uses j.S, his hurtbox extends further behind him than one might expect. This can sometimes cause certain attacks to appear as though they hit him from behind, so Chipp players should be mindful of this property when using j.S.

Additionally, on both air and grounded counterhits, Chipp can continue his combo with moves like c.S or 2S, allowing him to capitalize on the additional damage and advantageous situations created by landing a counterhit with j.S.

In summary, Chipp's j.S is a versatile tool for crossups and applying pressure, and understanding its properties can help Chipp players make the most of this move in various situations.


Chipp Zanuff j.H

Chipp Zanuff's j.H is his primary jump-in attack, and it serves as a versatile tool for initiating aerial attacks and mix-ups. When Chipp executes this move, he performs a back flip while swinging his blade. What makes j.H particularly effective is its high level of activity, as it hits multiple times during its animation. The hitbox of j.H covers a wide area, including behind, below, and in front of Chipp.

One notable aspect of j.H is its potential for creating ambiguous cross-up situations. Due to the movement of the active hitbox, Chipp can sometimes appear to hit his opponent from the "wrong" side, which can be challenging for the opponent to defend against.

Depending on the height at which j.H connects, Chipp can follow up with gatlings or special cancels. If j.H lands high enough, he can chain into moves like 2K, c.S, or 2S. However, there's a specific height, often referred to as the "sour spot" height, where Chipp can't easily cancel into additional attacks. Additionally, if Chipp attempts to string into a button after landing with j.H, he can be thrown by the opponent.

Despite the potential drawbacks, j.H remains a formidable aerial option for Chipp due to its multiple hits, gatling possibilities, and its ability to create ambiguous cross-ups. Chipp players can use j.H effectively to pressure opponents and initiate combos.


Chipp Zanuff j.D

Chipp Zanuff's j.D is a versatile jump-in attack that serves multiple purposes in his gameplay. This move is known for its speed and excellent horizontal range, making it a valuable tool in various situations.

One of the primary uses of j.D is as a punish tool. Chipp players can capitalize on its horizontal reach to punish opponents for their mistakes effectively. Whether it's punishing whiffed attacks or unsafe moves, j.D allows Chipp to strike quickly and convert into damaging combos.

In addition to its role as a punish tool, j.D is commonly employed as a gatling option during pressure sequences. Chipp players can use this move to mix up their offensive approach by delivering multiple overhead attacks. This can keep opponents guessing and force them to defend against Chipp's unpredictable offensive patterns. Furthermore, j.D is often used as a combo ender in air combos. When it connects, it consistently knocks down the opponent at an angle, granting Chipp an advantageous position upon landing.

When it comes to wall splats, j.D is particularly effective. Its launch angle and high wall damage make it an ideal choice for securing wall splats, which can lead to devastating follow-up combos.

It's worth noting that while j.D is a powerful tool, using it recklessly or having it blocked too high can lead to unfavorable situations in which Chipp becomes vulnerable to counterattacks. However, when executed with precision, j.D becomes a key component of Chipp's gameplay, allowing him to control space, punish opponents, and apply pressure effectively. Additionally, Chipp players can combo into 2K at lower heights or link into c.S/2S on counterhit or when it connects deeply, expanding its utility in different scenarios.


Chipp Zanuff j.2K

Chipp Zanuff's Dive Kick is a multi-hitting aerial attack that descends at a steep angle, serving multiple purposes in his gameplay.

First and foremost, the Dive Kick is an excellent tool for approaching opponents from the air. Its multi-hit nature and steep angle of descent make it difficult for opponents to anti-air, giving Chipp a strong air-to-ground option. This can be particularly useful when trying to close the gap quickly or apply pressure from above.

One of the standout features of the Dive Kick is its ability to stall Chipp in the air. This allows him to change the timing of his descent and create opportunities to punish whiffed anti-air attempts from opponents. By altering the timing of the Dive Kick, Chipp can bait opponents into committing to anti-air attacks that will miss, leaving them vulnerable to counterattacks.

Additionally, each hit of the Dive Kick is considered an overhead attack, making it a valuable tool for opening up opponents' defenses. If the Dive Kick connects with the opponent's block, Chipp remains at an advantage, giving him the opportunity to continue his pressure. However, it's essential to be cautious when using buttons like 2K immediately after the Dive Kick, as Chipp can be thrown if the opponent anticipates this option.

Chipp players can also take advantage of the Dive Kick's ability to cross up opponents, creating tricky mix-up situations. When executed correctly, Chipp can position himself in a way that makes it difficult for opponents to respond with throws, increasing his safety after landing the Dive Kick.

While the Dive Kick offers various advantages, it's crucial not to use this move carelessly. It's relatively easy to counter-hit, and Chipp incurs special landing recovery if it's blocked or whiffed. Therefore, timing and precision are essential when incorporating the Dive Kick into Chipp's gameplay.



Chipp Zanuff Wallrun

Chipp's Wall Run is a defining move in Guilty Gear Strive and serves as the core of his corner mix-up game. When Chipp performs a Wall Run, he dashes up along the wall, unlocking access to special versions of his grounded normals. This unique maneuver enables Chipp to extend his combos and apply relentless pressure to his opponent.

One of the primary uses of Wall Run is to extend combos, particularly after a counterhit 2H or following an up-drift Red Roman Cancel (88RRC) when near the corner. By utilizing Wall Run and its associated moves, Chipp can deliver some of his most damaging combos, making it a crucial tool for maximizing his offense.

Additionally, Wall Run can be cancelled at any point using the Escape option, providing Chipp with versatile choices for continuing his pressure, executing mix-ups, or extending combos. Wall Run cancels are particularly potent when performed immediately after an Alpha Blade, allowing Chipp to swiftly re-position himself during his offensive sequences.

In essence, Chipp's Wall Run is a versatile and dynamic ability that not only enhances his combo potential but also forms the foundation of his corner-based mix-up strategies, making it a fundamental aspect of his gameplay in Guilty Gear Strive.


Chipp Zanuff w.P

Chipp's w.P or Wall Run Punch, is a situational attack that offers unique properties compared to his other Wall Run moves. When executed, Chipp delivers a slow strike that launches the opponent into the air, but the juggle distance is somewhat greater than what w.H, or Wall Run Heavy Slash, provides.

While w.P has its distinctive launch properties, it is generally considered less favorable due to its characteristics. The move features a slow startup and relatively long recovery, which can make it less practical and riskier to use in comparison to other Wall Run moves in Chipp's arsenal.

Furthermore, the move's low damage output adds to its limitations. Chipp players often opt for more efficient and reliable options when executing Wall Run maneuvers, as they offer better combo potential, positioning, and safety.

Overall, Chipp's w.P serves a niche role and is less commonly employed in his gameplay due to its slower nature and reduced effectiveness in comparison to his other Wall Run moves. Players tend to favor alternatives that provide better utility and outcomes in various situations.


Chipp Zanuff w.K

Chipp's w.K is a situational conversion tool that involves a swift kick to juggle the opponent at close range. While it may not have the extensive cancel options and damage potential of w.S, it serves as a reliable choice for starting or extending wall run combos. This move provides Chipp with an efficient means of continuing his offense or transitioning into more damaging combinations, particularly when operating within the context of Wall Run maneuvers and corner-based strategies.


Chipp Zanuff w.S

Chipp's w.S plays a crucial role as his primary wall run starter and combo filler. This swift slashing attack boasts excellent recovery, allowing Chipp to juggle the opponent in close proximity. Its notable damage output and ease of linking into itself make it an invaluable tool for executing wall run combos effectively. Whether initiating his wall run mix-ups or chaining together powerful combinations, w.S serves as a cornerstone move in Chipp's repertoire.


Chipp Zanuff w.SS

Chipp's w.SS serves as a situational combo tool. This swift slashing attack allows him to juggle the opponent at a moderate distance. While it comes in handy for combos and setups where the slower w.H wouldn't connect in time, it's generally outclassed by w.H in other situations. Notably, w.SS can only be executed as a cancel from w.S and isn't available as a standalone move, limiting its application to specific sequences.


Chipp Zanuff w.H

Chipp's w.H serves as the primary combo filler when the wall health is high. This powerful but relatively slow strike sends the opponent flying a significant distance away from Chipp upon contact. It's an excellent choice for filling in combos thanks to its substantial damage output and the unique ability to link into itself. The high launch distance achieved with w.HS not only facilitates off-the-wall combos and mix-ups but also plays a strategic role in baiting the opponent's burst attempts.


Chipp Zanuff w.6H

Chipp's w.6H serves as his primary Wall Run ender. This commanding slash has an extended hitbox that reaches far behind Chipp's head, enabling him to pull the opponent back toward the wall. In most cases, w.6H results in a wall splat after a combo, but it has the added benefit of causing a wall bounce when the wall health is high.

The extraordinary damage output of this move makes it a valuable choice as combo filler, and it plays a pivotal role in Chipp's optimal routes, allowing him to maximize his damage potential while maintaining control over the positioning of his opponent within the stage.


Alpha Blade Horizontal (236P) or (j.236P)

Chipp Zanuff Alpha Blade Horizontal (236P) Chipp Zanuff Alpha Blade Horizontal (j.236P)

Alpha Blade Horizontal, often referred to as "P Alpha," is a versatile move in Chipp Zanuff's toolkit that serves as both a cross-up and a movement tool.

Grounded Alpha Blade Horizontal:
When executed on the ground, Chipp momentarily disappears before reappearing a fixed distance away. This move is primarily used for quick cross-ups and movement. Chipp's ability to vanish and reappear allows him to catch opponents off guard and create mix-up opportunities. If the grounded Alpha Blade Horizontal connects with the opponent, it results in a soft knockdown, giving Chipp a significant advantage to continue his offensive pressure.

Additionally, Chipp can convert specific counter hits with this move into meterless combos, enhancing his punish options and damage potential.

Air Alpha Blade Horizontal:
The aerial version of Alpha Blade Horizontal functions similarly but is performed in the air. Chipp vanishes in mid-air before reappearing at a fixed distance. Like its grounded counterpart, the air Alpha Blade Horizontal can be used for quick cross-ups, creating ambiguous situations for the opponent. It can also be employed to reset an opponent at the end of a combo, allowing Chipp to continue his assault.

One of the notable features of the air Alpha Blade Horizontal is that it has no minimum height requirement for execution, and it recovers quickly after landing. This means that Chipp can perform the move at various heights, including very close to the ground, which opens up opportunities for meterless conversions. By inputting a Tiger Knee motion (2369P), Chipp can seamlessly transition from the air Alpha Blade Horizontal into follow-up attacks or combos without using meter.

Overall, both versions of Alpha Blade Horizontal provide Chipp with valuable tools for mix-ups, movement, and combo potential, making them important components of his gameplay.

Alpha Blade Diagonal (236K) or (j.236K)

Chipp Zanuff Alpha Blade Diagonal (236K) Chipp Zanuff Alpha Blade Diagonal (j.236K)

Alpha Blade Diagonal, often referred to as "K Alpha," is a versatile move in Chipp Zanuff's arsenal that serves as both a cross-up, combo extender, and movement tool.

Grounded Alpha Blade Diagonal:
When executed on the ground, Chipp momentarily vanishes before reappearing in the air at a fixed distance away from his starting point. This move offers air options that Chipp can utilize for various purposes. Near the corner, Chipp automatically bounces off the wall and performs a second hit, ensuring that his opponent remains cornered. This property makes the grounded Alpha Blade Diagonal useful for quick cross-ups, setups, and combo extensions. Chipp can create tricky mix-up situations by using this move to approach opponents from different angles or escape the corner.

However, it's essential to note that there is a specific distance near the corner, referred to as the "sour spot," where the second hit of the move will not activate. In such cases, Chipp might inadvertently corner himself, so players must be mindful of their positioning when using this move.

Air Alpha Blade Diagonal:
The aerial version of Alpha Blade Diagonal allows Chipp to perform a similar maneuver in the air. He vanishes before reappearing on the ground. Like its grounded counterpart, the air Alpha Blade Diagonal can be used for quick cross-ups and keeping opponents cornered when executed near the corner. If this move successfully hits the opponent, Chipp will recover in time to extend the combo with his ground buttons, maximizing damage potential.

It's worth noting that the air Alpha Blade Diagonal cannot hit opponents on the same side as Chipp, making it specifically effective as a cross-up tool. However, players should be cautious about its long recovery, which can leave Chipp vulnerable if it whiffs or is blocked. Precise positioning is crucial to ensure its success.

Overall, both versions of Alpha Blade Diagonal provide Chipp with a range of options for mix-ups, combos, and movement, adding depth and versatility to his gameplay.

Resshou (236S)

Chipp Zanuff Resshou (236S)

Resshou plays a significant role in Chipp Zanuff's gameplay, serving both as a safe pressure tool and a crucial combo component. This move initiates Chipp's rekka sequence, offering follow-up options on hit, block, and whiff. One of its notable attributes is the extensive cancel window, coupled with the threat of delayed follow-ups, making it challenging for opponents to contest even though it leaves Chipp at a frame disadvantage.

Additionally, Chipp can execute a kara-cancel from Resshou, providing the flexibility to transition directly into Rokusai or Senshuu, further enhancing his mix-up potential. Resshou's importance extends beyond pressure, as it enables Chipp to extend combos by causing a wall bounce when connecting with airborne opponents. This property allows Chipp to prolong his combos without cornering himself, ultimately contributing to his overall offensive capabilities.

Rokusai (Resshou > (236S))

Chipp Zanuff Rokusai (236S)

Rokusai is a swift advancing kick attack with a low-hitting property, adding another layer to Chipp Zanuff's rekka-based offense. This move is particularly effective for frame trapping opponents who attempt to mash or jump out of Chipp's rekka pressure sequences. While it generally offers safety due to its pushback on block, it's worth noting that some characters may have the capability to consistently punish it, so careful consideration is required based on the matchup.

It's essential to bear in mind that Rokusai leaves Chipp at a frame disadvantage both on block and hit. Consequently, using this move in your pressure game necessitates caution. To maximize its effectiveness, it's often advisable to utilize meter resources to convert normal hits into more substantial combos and ensure safety on block, which can be crucial for maintaining pressure and controlling the pace of the match.

Senshuu (Rokusai > (236K)) or (Rokusai > (236K))

Chipp Zanuff Senshuu (236K)

Senshuu is an integral part of Chipp Zanuff's rekka sequence, culminating in a flip kick that connects as an overhead attack. When executing Senshuu, Chipp becomes airborne and elevates his hurtbox, providing him with the capability to beat out certain low-hitting attacks. Upon landing a hit with Senshuu, it results in a soft knockdown, but importantly, Chipp is positioned in close proximity to the opponent, enabling him to continue his offensive pressure.

However, it's crucial to recognize that Senshuu is relatively unsafe on block, leaving Chipp susceptible to potential punishment from the opponent. In situations where Chipp utilizes this move without a safe setup or meter for a Roman Cancel, it can be a risky choice. Therefore, it is often recommended to employ Senshuu when facing an opponent who has been conditioned or in instances where Chipp has access to meter resources to ensure safety.

Furthermore, Chipp can employ a kara-cancel technique to transition from Resshou into Senshuu. Although this kara-Senshuu is slower compared to Chipp's other overhead options, it possesses the advantage of being deployable at any point within a string of attacks, making it challenging for the opponent to react to swiftly. This element of unpredictability can enhance Chipp's mix-up game and keep the opponent on their toes during engagements.

Genrou Zan (63214S)

Chipp Zanuff Genrou Zan (63214S) dash Chipp Zanuff Genrou Zan (63214S) grab

Genrou Zan is a deliberate yet menacing command grab within Chipp Zanuff's arsenal. When executing this move, Chipp enters a state of vanishing and then swiftly leaps forward to seize his opponent. Genrou Zan exhibits a remarkable degree of activity, which proves advantageous for defeating low-hitting pokes, evasive backdashes, and even attempts at countering with throws from the opponent. It's important to note that Chipp does not possess invincibility during the startup animation, rendering him vulnerable to being interrupted by a swift jab or a throw, even when executed on the opponent's wake-up due to the absence of throw invulnerability.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Genrou Zan is its extended startup duration, making it a move that can be telegraphed and reacted to by observant opponents. However, it compensates for this deliberate initiation with an abbreviated recovery period, particularly for a command grab. This brief recovery duration can render it exceedingly challenging for certain opponents to punish a missed or whiffed Genrou Zan, especially if they opt to leap to evade its grasp. This aspect of the move adds an element of unpredictability to Chipp's offensive game plan and can catch opponents off guard, creating opportunities for Chipp to capitalize on their hesitation and secure advantageous positions in the match.

Beta Blade (623S)

Chipp Zanuff Beta Blade (623S)

Beta Blade is Chipp Zanuff's sole invincible reversal, a swift and active rising slash with a two-hit sequence. It serves as his primary means of breaking free from relentless opponent pressure, offering invincibility on the first hit. However, it's important to use Beta Blade with precise timing and spacing to avoid unfavorable trades, as its invulnerability is limited to close range.

Chipp players can also employ Beta Blade as an anti-air option for opponents jumping in at close proximity. When incorporating Beta Blade into combos, players should be mindful of the gap between hits, which can sometimes lead to opponents dropping out of combos. Nonetheless, by combining Beta Blade with a Roman Cancel (RC), it can be integrated into combos for setups and mix-up opportunities.

Mastering the execution of a Tiger Knee (TK) Beta Blade at a specific height can also maximize its efficiency as a combo filler. In summary, Beta Blade offers versatility in Chipp's toolkit, functioning as an invincible reversal, anti-air tool, and combo component. Its successful application hinges on understanding its properties and practicing its use in various in-game scenarios.

Shuriken (j.214P)

Chipp Zanuff Shuriken (j.214P)

Chipp's Shuriken is an aerial projectile that he releases while suspended in the air, and it serves the purpose of covering a specific angle to apply pressure or control space. However, it comes with some limitations and considerations. When Chipp tosses the shuriken downward, it possesses a relatively large hurtbox, making it susceptible to the opponent's attacks, which can easily neutralize the projectile. As a result, the Shuriken is often utilized for specific situations or scenarios, such as disrupting Leo's Brynhildr stance or attempting to secure a chip kill when the opponent's health is low.

It's important to note that Shuriken doesn't offer any substantial reward upon hitting the opponent or being blocked. Additionally, executing this move leaves Chipp in a vulnerable position, making it essential to exercise caution when using it. In essence, Shuriken is a tool that should be employed sparingly and strategically, taking into account its limited effectiveness and the potential risks associated with its use.

Gamma Blade (236H)

Chipp Zanuff Gamma Blade (236H)

Gamma Blade is a potent tool in Chipp's arsenal, primarily serving as a pressure reset and okizeme option. When Chipp deploys this move, a clone is sent forward to attack the opponent, which leaves Chipp at an advantageous position. It's particularly effective for resetting pressure situations and applying pressure after a knockdown.

However, Gamma Blade has some limitations when it comes to its usage. It's not the best choice for starting or filling combos due to its high RISC loss and wall damage. In addition, the launch properties of the move can be awkward to work with, making it less suitable for combos unless you have meter to spend. In the corner, it can provide a small meterless combo, but its primary strength lies in its pressure game.

One unique aspect of Gamma Blade is that the damage dealt to the clone is also dealt to Chipp, adding a layer of risk to this pressure reset tool. If both Chipp and the projectile are struck simultaneously, the damage inflicted can be substantial, making it important for Chipp players to use this move strategically and be mindful of potential drawbacks.


Zansei Rouga (632146H) or (j.236P)

Chipp Zanuff Zansei Rouga (632146H) flash Chipp Zanuff Zansei Rouga (632146H) hit

Chipp's Zansei Rouga is a long-range Overdrive move that covers the entire screen, offering several strategic applications in battle. When activated, Chipp dashes upwards diagonally and then travels back and forth across the screen. If Chipp successfully connects with the opponent during this maneuver, they will be juggled in the air before Chipp delivers a powerful slam to the ground, resulting in a hard knockdown.

One of the primary uses of Zansei Rouga is to secure burst-safe damage, making it a valuable tool for dealing substantial punishment without the risk of the opponent Bursting out of the combo. The move's mechanics and knockdown effect also position Chipp close to the opponent, providing him with the advantage necessary to initiate pressure, mix-ups, or follow-up attacks.

It's worth noting that Zansei Rouga boasts a higher minimum damage compared to Chipp's other Overdrive move, Banki Messai. However, this advantage may not always translate into significantly higher damage output due to the inability to wall break with Zansei Rouga. Additionally, the advantage gained from Zansei Rouga, whether with or without a wall break, may not be as strong as that of Banki Messai, which can influence the move's situational nature. Therefore, players must carefully evaluate the specific match context and their strategic goals when deciding whether to employ Zansei Rouga in their gameplay.

Banki Messai (236236P)

Chipp Zanuff Banki Messai (236236P) flash Chipp Zanuff Banki Messai (236236P) grab

Chipp's Banki Messai is a powerful Overdrive move. When activated, Chipp performs a swift animation before dashing across the screen. If he successfully connects with the opponent during this maneuver, Chipp summons his clones, along with Dodomezaki the sea otter, to unleash a flurry of strikes upon his opponent.

The primary use of Banki Messai is as a combo ender when Chipp is near the corner. By incorporating this Overdrive into his combos, Chipp can break the stage wall, initiating a wall break effect that not only deals damage but also transitions the match into a new phase. This new phase allows Chipp to apply okizeme (pressure on the opponent's wake-up) or capitalize on the Positive Bonus, providing him with a significant advantage in the ensuing gameplay.

It's important to note that while Banki Messai can be a valuable tool for wall breaking and stage transition, it tends to scale combos quite heavily. As such, it's not typically relied upon for its raw damage output. Instead, it serves as a strategic choice to secure okizeme opportunities, Positive Bonus, and positional advantage. Furthermore, Chipp players can use kara cancels to reliably activate Banki Messai, making it a useful option for converting stray hits into a wall-breaking opportunity and further showcasing its versatility in Chipp's toolkit.


Chipp Zanuff is a nimble and agile character in Guilty Gear Strive, known for his exceptional speed and acrobatic movements. He excels in hit-and-run tactics, applying relentless pressure, and creating mix-up opportunities. Chipp's moveset revolves around his special abilities like Wall Run, allowing him to scale walls, and Alpha Blade, which offers both mobility and combo potential.

Chipp's strengths lie in his swift and unpredictable playstyle. He can quickly close the distance on opponents, apply pressure with his rekka moves, and mix in various overhead and low options to keep them guessing. His mobility, both on the ground and in the air, makes him difficult to pin down and allows for tricky cross-ups.

His combo potential is substantial, particularly in the corner, where he can utilize Wall Run to extend his combos and maximize damage. Chipp has several tools for mix-ups, including overhead and low attacks, making him a challenging character to defend against.

However, Chipp's main weakness is his low health, which leaves him susceptible to heavy punishment. He relies on precise execution and quick decision-making, as well as his Burst Gauge for defensive options. While he can be difficult to master due to his high-speed playstyle, skilled Chipp players can dominate matches with his relentless offense and mobility.